Kavin Group

The Kavin Group is a leading integrated solutions and services company. We collaborate with the customers and strategic partners to deliver real-time solutions and operational efficiency.

The Group is dedicated to maintaining and improving your company’s reliability, productivity and efficiency. With over 35 years of experience, our customer support services are designed so that you can select the level of expertise and resources 

you need to keep your company’s HR and company business processes at peak operational performance, anywhere and anytime you need us.

The Group provides a platform for professional and personal fulfillment, through a high-performance culture; employee well-being; unique and diverse collaborative teams; challenging roles; continual skill growth; and more. We believe that outstanding people and trusted partners make the Kavin Group a great company.


VK Staffing Solutions

With over 80 years of combined experience servicing a wide variety of industries, our team of recruitment professionals has had first-hand experience in manufacturing, human resources, transportation, logistics and many more.

Industrial Consulting

The Group has a proven track record of successful consulting services offering across the industrial market. We provide strategic and practical solutions intended to optimize the reliability, availability and cost of industrial assets over their entire life-cycle.

Production Inspection & Verification Services

Production inspections and verification conducted at various stages of the manufacturing process help you secure your production, safeguard the quality of your product and protect your brand image.

Supply Chain Management

Entrust the Kavin Group to handle and optimize all the complicated facets of supply chain management so that your company can save costs and focus on building more net value.

Transportation Services

The Group provides reliable and cost-effective transportation services, unmatched industry expertise and a range of equipment capable of meeting virtually any transportation challenge.

Commercial Property Investment

The Kavin Group targets investment in trusted commercial locations with solid growth opportunities. Our investment strategies offer medium to long-term rental income from secure and reliable tenants.