Company Code of Ethical Conduct


Kavin Group is a company located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada). We specialize in working with small, medium and large companies. We bring together a wealth of talent, experience and deep knowledge drawn from the… We believe that an ethical company is a successful company and that maintaining integrity and high ethical/legal standards requires hard work, courage, and difficult choices. We are expected to carry out our daily tasks in a legal and ethical manner that can withstand scrutiny, and are expected to abide by applicable rules, regulations, and policies. This Company Code of Ethical Conduct contains the core standards and values that must be upheld for every employee, consultant, and others when they represent or act on behalf of our company. It is intended to guide us in all that we do and support our mission to provide the highest quality services to all we serve. Commitment to these standards should never be compromised for financial, professional, or other business purposes. If you suspect compliance issues, we ask that you bring it to the attention of the Vice President of Operations. The Kavin Group takes all reports of ethical infractions seriously and does not tolerate retaliation against those who report unethical conduct. Any questions relating to how the Code should be interpreted or applied should be addressed to the Vice President of Operations.

Business Relationships with Our Suppliers 

The Kavin Group places a heavy emphasis on working with clients, customers and suppliers, and believes in conducting these transactions in a manner that is conducive to furthering quality, reliability, service and price.

Business Ethics and Compliance
We expect our clients, customers and suppliers to develop ethics and compliance programs that are consistent with our deeply held ethics and values. Our clients, customers and suppliers must ensure the quality and reliability of the products, work or service. The Kavin Group expects its suppliers to maintain a sufficient level of credibility and experience and for them to be committed to our company in the long run.

Our clients, customers and suppliers can expect that our company will:

  • Respect supplier confidential information
  • Manage our bid process in a transparent manner
  • Make the rules of the process clear from the outset
  • Act with fairness in all circumstances
  • Refuse all gifts, invitations or favors

Protecting Sensitive Information

Keeping our sensitive information confidential is essential for the Kavin Group and our clients to remain competitive in the marketplace. We send and receive confidential information to and from our customers, suppliers and others on a regular basis. Protecting this information is a matter of trust.

Proper Handling of Sensitive Information is a Matter of Trust
The Kavin Group expects its clients, customers and suppliers to protect all sensitive information they may encounter. No sensitive or proprietary information may be disclosed without proper written authorization. All sensitive and proprietary information must be kept secure at all times.

Confidential or proprietary information may only be used in the course of normal business activities.  Any proprietary information received by the Kevin Group from a client, customer, supplier or competitor without proper authorization, such as a non-disclosure agreement, must be brought to the attention of the Vice President of Operations.

Affected information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Trade secrets that are not part of the public record
  • Business plans
  • Inventions (whether patentable or not)
  • Processes
  • Computer programs
  • Studies
  • Contracts
  • Presentations
  • Sales or marketing methods
  • Competitive analyses
  • Customer lists
  • Methods of doing business
  • Customer usages or requirements

The Kavin Group observes all confidentiality agreements that the company might have signed.  All employees are bound to confidentiality even after they leave the firm.

Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment

The Kavin Group is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful workplace that is conducive to productivity and its free from threats, violence, harassment and discrimination. Respecting others and performing with excellence are two core values of the company that creates opportunities for success.

Setting the Standards
Respect is the core of our business. It builds our brand and enhances our reputation. We expect all of our stakeholders to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Our goal is to create a professional work environment free from threats, violence, harassment and discrimination. Discriminatory and/or offensive conduct on the basis of national origin, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family structure, genetic information, or mental or physical disability will not be tolerated.

Complaints of discrimination or harassment should be reported to the Vice President of Operations. All complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Confidentiality of reports and investigations of sexual harassment will be maintained to the greatest extent possible. Any person who, after appropriate investigation, is found to have engaged in the discrimination or harassment of another person will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The Kavin Group will not in any way retaliate against any individual who makes a report of discrimination or harassment nor permit any employee to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of this policy and should be reported immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual for reporting discrimination or harassment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Creating a Healthy Environment

The Kavin Group is committed to promoting the health, safety and well-being of our employees, their families and the communities we belong to. Our company recognizes that each of us has the responsibility for safety, health and environmental excellence. We strive to ensure that we do our business in an environmentally responsible manner that preserves our natural resources while minimizing adverse impacts on our environment.

Our Pledge
Our policies mandate that we follow all established federal, provincial and municipal environmental laws and regulations. The Kavin Group incorporates safety, health and environmental protection into our products, processes and facilities. We also seek strategic partnerships and openly discuss ways to promote safety, health and environmental and business excellence with our stakeholders.

Expectations of our Employees
Our employees have an obligation to do their part to maintain a safe, happy and healthy workplace. All employees are to:

  • Observe posted warnings and regulations; report all safety hazards. and accidents to the Vice President of Operations.
  • Maintain a violent free workplace by not creating situations that cause another person fear for their safety.
  • Observe sensible environmental practices.


Marketing Communications & Media Relations

The Kavin Group brand is not just our name or logo. It is our reputation; it represents who we are and what we stand for, our vision, mission and values.

In order for the Kavin Group to maintain a strong brand, it is essential for our brand to be used correctly and consistently.

All requests from the media should be recorded accurately and passed on immediately to the Vice President of Operations.

News Releases, Speeches and Published Material
All news releases, speeches and published material (brochures, advertisements, company websites, etc.) require advance approval.

Social Media
All stakeholders of the Kavin Group must take great care in how they present themselves in their social networks. Once you identify yourself as a stakeholder with the Kavin Group, you may be directly connected with your colleagues or clients.

Avoid any derogatory comments about the company, other employees, customers, partners or competitors.

At no time, should any blog postings reference clients, partners or customers without their consent.

Company logos must never be used as part of your postings without express written permission.

All personal blogs that belong to the Kavin Group stakeholders should have clear disclaimers that their views are not necessarily those of the firm. Blogs or other postings should never contain confidential company information.