KTMR prides itself on finding the best fit for employees and employers. It is equally important to both parties that we understand your requirements and to fulfill your satisfaction. Building a strong relationship on both fronts is critical to everyone’s success. Having industry knowledge helps us place the right people in the right positions.

At KTMR we also understand that companies need change over time. Marketplace and business requirements change quickly, this requires companies to become flexible and react promptly.

  • You may have an influx of new business that does not warrant full time staff.
  • Requirements may be seasonal.

All of these reasons are valid and are prudent business decisions to ensure you invest the time and energy into the right individual. We provide full-service payroll to help you service these options.

Kavin Talent Management & Recruiting (KTMR) is backed by a team of experienced and competent writers. They help in showcasing your skills in a manner that will entice the employer. Common errors such as poor grammar, bad structure, and insignificant information lead to rejection of candidates. Our aim is to provide tailored resumes in accordance with the needs of specific industries so that your resume stands out from the pack.

Our resume writers have reached senior positions within their own careers, and they know what success looks like in most professions. We also know the top skills that employers are looking for, and we are well placed to challenge our customers to make sure that the content of their resume is relative to the roles that they are seeking. We have resume writers who have held Managing Director, Business Development and Sales, Senior Project Manager, and Operations Manager positions as well as Consultants from Recruitment and Career Coaching backgrounds.

To write an effective resume we need to find out more about you – which requires a detailed exchange of information. This is done through an in-depth fact-finding session with one of our highly-experienced resume Consultants. Typically, this is performed via telephone or in-person. To schedule your appointment today, fill out this form. We are ready to discuss your future.


Kavin Talent Management & Recruiting – Benefit from military and policing talent

Canada’s Veterans have served our country with bravery, honour and dignity – putting their lives at risk to protect our freedom at home and abroad. Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members and their families deserve our gratitude and continued support when they transition from military or policing responsibilities to civilian life. At KTMR, we firmly believe that Canadian Veterans have earned their place in society to secure quality and sustainable employment for the rest of their working life. This is why we offer a customized placement service called “Supporting our Veterans”.

Our service can assist Veterans in the following areas:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Assistance with job search with commercial enterprises, defense and security industry or other levels of government requiring general or specialized skills and experience.
  • Advice and guidance on interview techniques and approaches to employers
  • Career choices and career guidance
  • Preparation and development of an effective CV or resume
  • Advice on local networking opportunities

At KTMR, we are also committed to work closely with community partners and other service providers across Southern Ontario and Canada in support of our Veterans. We believe everyone can learn from our Veterans. Canada’s brave men and women are highly trained and skilled individuals and who have worked in exceptional circumstances under trying conditions. They provide employers with unique abilities as force multipliers in their business.

Kavin Talent Management & Recruiting (KTMR) – Benefits of hiring a talented athlete

KTMR knows that athletic experience listed on a resume means that the candidate has gone through rigorous training and has faced immense challenges. This kind of life experience is likely to have led the candidate to develop deep commitment, discipline planning, and goal achievement.

Building your company for tomorrow means finding great employees today. Professional and student athletes make great employees because it takes an extremely talented individual to manage life both on the playing field and at home.

KTMR knows that athletes aim to compete and win. Athletes know there are skills that must be learned and mastered in order to achieve real world success. We can help match candidates with potential employers so that all parties score a win-win .

Helping Athletes means learning how to play and win the long game in business.

Kavin Talent Management & Recruiting – Benefit from the skills and experience of Indigenous workers

KTMR is committed to supporting and creating employment opportunities for Indigenous workers. We believe that their diverse skillsets, knowledge and cultural perspectives contribute to providing better solutions to unique problems and challenges within the workplace.

We accomplish this by respecting their Indigenous heritage and connection to their land and communities. KTMR works with qualified Indigenous candidates and matches them with the right employment opportunities.

We believe in empowering Indigenous workers in their communities.