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Choosing the Right Recruiting Firm

What is a Recruiting Agency?

A recruitment agency is a professional services company that assists businesses in finding employees to fit specific company roles and or requirements. In essence, a recruitment agency acts as a bridge between companies that are looking for reliable employees, and people who are looking for a long-standing job opportunity.

Different Types of Recruitment Agencies

There are many types of recruiting agencies, they come in different shapes, sizes and perform different functions. To choose the best recruiting agency for your business requirements, you have to be familiar with the most common types of recruitment agencies.

There are 3 main types of recruitment agencies:

General Recruiting Agencies

A general recruitment agency (also known as a Contingency recruiting agency), is a type of recruitment agency that focuses on recruiting for a specific industry, this may include sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, finance or manufacturing.

This type of agency is used to find entry and middle-level positions within a specific industry.

Staffing Recruiting Agencies

A staffing recruitment agency (also known as a Temporary recruiting agency), is a type of recruitment agency that focuses solely on recruiting temporary employees.

Businesses use this type of recruitment agency when they need to hire part-time, seasonal workers, help on a certain temporary project or you need to cover a leave of absence for a full-time employee (who is on extended maternity, paternity or sick leave).

Executive Recruiting Agencies

An executive recruitment agency (also known as Retained search firm or Executive search firm; sometimes also called a boutique recruiting firm), is a type of recruitment agency that specializes in executive recruiting.

Corporations will retain this type of recruitment agency when you need to fill top-level or C-level positions such as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Technology Officer.

Choosing the Perfect Recruiting Agency

In our experience, choosing the perfect recruiting agency is a combination of several factors. The goals and objectives of the customer and the recruiting firm need to be aligned. Deliverables and expectations need to be made clear at the start of the business relationship.

Do the customer’s goals and objectives align with your recruiting firms’ vision and goals? For instance, a responsible recruiting firm will say: “we do not bring on clients that do not have a clear road map for our candidates’ transition to a full-time career”. This includes vetting businesses for their corporate responsibility programs which may include; group benefits, union membership, sick leave etc.

The reason The Kavin Group is successful in placing our candidates in meaningful positions is that unlike most companies that like to keep people in a temp/contract capacity. At Kavin Group, we do not take that approach. The reason why candidates come to us is that we have a path to full-time careers and we fit our candidates in positions that will be of benefit to their financial well-being. i.e. pension, benefits, a potential bump in pay, further opportunities within their company.

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