The Kavin Group has always respected its responsibility to maintain the privacy of its candidates. Information, especially personal data, is the cornerstone of our business. Our candidates would not provide us with their personal information if they did not trust us to safeguard it.

We collect personal information directly from candidates, or indirectly (with their permission) from their references, old employers, educational institutions, social media, etc. We store this information in our database to use for current and future job openings.

The Kavin Group only provides this information to our clients with our candidate’s permission. We never sell or give information to anyone for reasons other than recruitment.


By submitting a resume for the purpose of engaging The Kavin Group for my job search, I consent to the collection, use, and disclosure by The Kavin Group of my personal information in order to assist me in obtaining employment. The Kavin Group may collect my personal information from my references, former employers, and social media and may use and disclose my personal information to potential employers for the purpose of evaluating qualifications.

I hereby release The Kavin Group, its employees, agents, representatives and the Kavin Group, wherever located, from all liability in connection with the services provided to me by The Kavin Group.

I authorize The Kavin Group to retain my personal information, including personal employment information, for an indefinite period of time for the purpose of recruitment.

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time, with five (5) business days’ notice and my file will be destroyed or returned to me.  However, The Kavin Group retains the right to keep a record of my personal information relating to recruitment work already completed and for the purposes of employment verification, tax related issues or any other requests made about me by government authorities.