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Kavin Group signs MOU with Coding for Veterans at DEFSEC 2021 in Halifax

The Kavin Group believes in supporting those who have devoted their lives to helping our country. We know that corporations of any size can benefit from skilled former military, policing and first responder talent.

Canada’s Veterans, law enforcement and first responders have served the country with bravery, honour and dignity – putting their lives at risk to protect our freedom at home and abroad while keeping Canadians safe.

To better support our transitioning service members and introduce their skills to various Canadian companies, the Kavin Group has partnered with Coding for Veterans to enhance and bolster the technological abilities of transitioning veterans and find them a position that fits their new civilian career.

“This partnership with Coding for Veterans enables Kavin Group to fulfill one of its corporate objectives to develop and support communities of interest such as the Canadian Veterans in career transition. This partnership is aimed at promoting meaningful work that benefits our communities across Canada in support of building a better society and a prosperous nation,” said Steve Vincic, Kavin Group’s President & Managing Partner.

The partnership was formed at the historic Halifax Citadel in Nova Scotia during the 2021 DEFSEC Atlantic conference. The Kavin Group was represented by members of the executive team, Camy Hand and Jim Catton, who travelled to the Maritimes to participate in the conference and network with the various defence and security organizations in the region. The Kavin Group aims to support the local workforce on numerous medium and large-scale defence projects initiated by the Government of Canada.

“As experienced recruitment professionals, the Kavin Group will be utilizing its proven HR solutions and processes to match qualified veterans who have completed the Coding for Veterans Program and are seeking a new career in software development and cybersecurity,” said Steve Vincic, Kavin Group’s President & Managing Partner.

Moreover, the company was pleased to connect with a diverse group of businesses and government leaders. As part of the company’s growth agenda for 2022 and beyond, the Kavin Group is adapting its business to expand its talent management and recruitment presence across Eastern Canada.

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