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The Future of Remote Work & HR Technology

Despite COVID-19 restrictions and increase in remote work, many businesses continue to adapt and succeed. These restrictions have proved that the workforce can function out of the office and doesn’t need to a traditional 9 to 5 structure – employees can effectively work from anywhere. Steve Vincic joins HIRE Technologies CEO Simon Dealy to discuss the future of remote work and HR Technology.

About HIRE Technologies Inc.

HIRE is investing in and shaping the future of human resource management with a technology-first focus, by consolidating and modernizing the staffing marketplace. The company owns and operates staffing firms as well as platform technology that it uses to help those firms become more technologically advanced. The company is a disciplined capital allocator due to its technology DNA and extensive experience in building and growing staffing companies of all types. HIRE has a large recurring revenue base and helps our clients manage change in the workplace in order to achieve success.

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