Kavin Group

Veteran Employment Support

The Kavin Group believes in supporting and helping those who have devoted their lives to helping our country.

Benefit from military and policing talent

Canada’s Veterans have served our country with bravery, honour and dignity – putting their lives at risk to protect our freedom at home and abroad. Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members and their families deserve our gratitude and continued support when they transition from military or policing responsibilities to civilian life. At Kavin Group, we firmly believe that Canadian Veterans have earned their place in society to secure quality and sustainable employment for the rest of their working life. This is why we offer a customized placement service called “Supporting our Veterans”.

Our service can assist Veterans in the following areas:

At Kavin Group, we are also committed to work closely with community partners and other service providers across Southern Ontario and Canada in support of our Veterans. We believe everyone can learn from our Veterans. Canada’s brave men and women are highly trained and skilled individuals and who have worked in exceptional circumstances under trying conditions. They provide employers with unique abilities as force multipliers in their business.
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