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KTMR Delivers Inspiring Speech at the 2018 Athletics Ontario Gala

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, athletes both former and current. It is an honour for me and VK Staffing Solutions to sponsor and attend the 2018 Athletics Ontario Awards Gala and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  A special thank you to Paul and Anthony for having the vision and understanding of how our relationship can contribute to the success of our athletes across Ontario.

When my partner and I founded VK Staffing Solutions, our goal was to address a major industry challenge.  VK Staffing Solutions was founded on four core fundamental pillars.

Our first pillar is to support our Canadian Veterans.  Canada’s Veterans have served our country with bravery, honour and dignity—putting their lives at risk to protect our freedom at home and abroad. Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members and their families deserve our gratitude and continued support when they transition from military or policing responsibilities to civilian life. At VK Staffing Solutions, we firmly believe that Canadian Veterans have earned their place in society to secure quality, sustainable employment for the rest of their working life. This is why we offer a customized placement service called “Supporting our Veterans”.

At VK, supporting our Veterans simply means saying – thank you. I hope you would agree.

Our second core pillar is focused on the Canadian defence sector.  Canada is projecting to spend an estimated $300 billion dollars over 3 to 30 years to either upgrade or purchase new military equipment. This translated into many jobs and the need to have qualified personnel.  This offers a significant opportunity to Ontarians as much of the manufacturing, skilled trades and professional positions are located in Ontario.  VK will be one of nine companies in Canada to have the required secret clearance to place staff in government cleared defence and security companies.

Another strong and integral component of our core pillars is our partnerships with the Indigenous community. The Indigenous partnerships are centralized on providing employment to indigenous communities across Canada through some of Canadas largest corporations and government-owned crown corporations.  According to Deloitte, one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, Indigenous people under the age of 30 represent the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s labour force. This avenue of job placements opens significant opportunities for First National Canadians to have stable career positions for many years to come. We at VK are working hard to address this important historical, social and economic redress. We believe it’s the right thing to do and we’re taking steps to brief our communities through training and employment. I hope you would agree.

Finally, our fourth core pillar is the recognition of current and former athletes that represent the best and brightest of Canadian society.  VK Staffing Solutions knows that athletic experience listed on a resume means that the candidate has gone through rigorous training and faced immense challenges. This kind of life experience is likely to have led the candidate to develop deep learning and commitment, discipline planning and goal achievement.

Building your company for tomorrow means finding great employees today. Retired professional athletes and student-athletes make great employees because it takes an extremely talented individual to manage life both on the playing field and home front.

More employers know that athletes aim to compete and win. Athletes know there are skills that must be learned and mastered in order to achieve real-world success. We at VK can help match candidates with potential employers so that all parties score a win-win.  I recently had a meeting with a Director of HR for a large automotive manufacturer.  He stated in his hiring practices that a significant reason for a hire is the attitude.  Skills can be taught but attitude can’t.

Our four core pillars are vital to producing and matching candidates in their respective career field.  Historically speaking, athletes, Indigenous peoples and veterans produce some of the greatest leaders within the community. To further intensify these outstanding qualities, loyalty and dedication is second nature to their already focused way of life.

As a co-founder of VK, we are proud to acknowledge that we are considered to be amongst the fastest growing companies in Ontario and across Canada. At VK, we believe in continuous learning and innovation to meet the demands of the transitional marketplace. We’ve committed ourselves to our prospective candidates and employers to provide a high level of quality service. Our organizational structure is based on teamwork, loyalty and dedication.

At this point, I want to congratulate all the award winners this evening. You should all be very proud of your achievements and we hope to cross paths in the near future.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavours.”

– Delivered by Steve Vincic

Vice President of Operations & Contract Management, VK Staffing Solutions

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